Man and dog at the summit of Mount Major

RV Diary: 2 Weeks at Wolfeboro Campground

This is how our RV adventure begins, and it couldn’t be a sweeter beginning. What a perfect way to ease in, by exploring an area that’s nostalgic for Aidan and a new discovery for me – only a couple of hours beyond my childhood backyard. 

Experiences in Wolfeboro 

We’ve been in Wolfeboro for two weeks, nestled on the east side of Lake Winnipesaukee, which I still can’t spell without error. It has been blissful staying at Wolfeboro Campground, the perfect place to access the lake, mountains, and town while living in complete seclusion.

Our office: a folding chair in the woods
Our RV campsite at Wolfeboro Campground

The campground manager, Warren, is a character, flying a Don’t Tread On Me flag and joking about not knowing there’s a pandemic, selling entire wagonloads of firewood for only $4, and checking in on us daily—revealing a heart as soft as butter in the sun. He has loved Grizzly unconditionally and given him a fresh chance to become friends every day, to no avail.

Wolfeboro is lush and green, green, green. The town reminds me very much of where I grew up vacationing in southern Maine. When we got here, we drove through Northwoods summer camp where Aidan once romped around as a camper, then grew up as a counselor. After years of hearing his fond memories flow, it was nice to see the truly quintessential setting—and odd without a single kid on the property because of the pandemic. 

At our sweet, private campsite, we’ve worked, cooked, and had our campfires all sheltered from the heavy sun and rain by a canopy of trees. We’ve lived surrounded by hundreds of chipmunks and barely any humans, which is relaxing for us and tantalizing for Grizzly; he nearly snapped our awning and his dog run a few times going after them.

There is a private trail within the campground that was perfect for our daily walks; Aidan and I walking, Grizzly zooming through the woods like mad, blissfully terrorizing the little critters. He hasn’t tasted victory and probably never will. 

We swam and relaxed at Allen Albee Beach with stunning panoramas. I declared the mocha chocolate chip at Bly Farm among the best scoops I’ve ever had. We ate delicious lobster in hightop Adirondacks beside the lake at the Wolfetrap Grill. We hiked around Castle in the Clouds (discovering a waterfall-fed brook that is a slice of heaven), along the Appalachian Trail, and up Mount Major.

Aidan and Grizzly at the peak of Mount Major

Grizzly astounded us at Mount Major, hiking obediently off-leash and pushing through the humidity in his thick coat. At a lookout near the peak, he was so tired he collapsed into an exasperated sit right up against the leg of a loving stranger, without ever acknowledging her closeness or his own boldness. 

Grizzly has fully embraced his love of swimming. We’ll never know if he swam before we adopted him, but he’s a natural. We’ve taken multiple trips to the public boat landing in town to play fetch and he paddles along, inhaling plenty of lake water with every retrieval. 

Initial feelings about RV living

After a pretty debilitating second day, overcome by a feeling that I can only describe as claustrophobia, I have felt happier, more confident, and freer every day—quickly surpassing the levels I started at.

Now, only two weeks in, I get it. I have already shed what feels like a few pounds of anxiety. It also helps that I’m working a part-time schedule, gifting myself the mental and emotional space to slow down and soak it in. 

I’m noticing myself being more mindful. Enjoying simple activities more. Savoring grill-cooked foods seasoned only by salt, pepper, and each other. Being kinder in my interactions with strangers, and more inclined to reach out to friends in meaningful ways.

I’m writing for fun again. I have the itch to make things again after a few years with close to no creative drive. Our little family is bonding deeper, listening more intently, and getting to know each other better. 

I have a newfound appreciation for New Hampshire, though I will always be on Team Vermont. I have felt both elated and very much at peace here in the sweet little lake town of Wolfeboro. 

Selfie at the summit of Square Ledge Trail

  • Kristin Keefe
    Posted at 00:28h, 24 July Reply

    Your writing is lovely. Reading your post I felt as if I was on your adventure.
    Enjoy every moment.

  • Sandra Erickson
    Posted at 01:13h, 24 July Reply

    So excited for you–and just a tad jealous. Castle in the Clouds is one of my favorite places on this earth (so far). Going to map where you go…and follow in your stread. Have so much fun! ❤

  • Erin Fitzgibbons
    Posted at 01:20h, 24 July Reply

    Loved seeing you all and sharing my happy place 🤗 Can’t wait you hear about the next adventure!! XO

  • LK
    Posted at 11:25h, 24 July Reply

    It sometimes takes a few weeks away to begin to realize you are away!

  • candace beardsley
    Posted at 11:43h, 24 July Reply

    I am so happy that you love camping! I think fondly about our early days at Groton in a lean-to, with Grandpa joining us….We all still love it in its various iterations. Your trip is, so far, the most ambitious, and it is a gift that you and Aidan will document it so beautifully. xoxox

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